Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Task One!

    Hello! My name is Samantha Fletcher! I’m very talkative and I love a good laugh! But this doesn’t mean that I can’t be serious as well! I’ve lived in Leicester all my life, and I really love it here!  My interests other than gaming are socializing with my family and friends, going clubbing and basically having a good time. I also adore theme park rides, they are my main love. There is not enough hours in the day for me to fit in all the things I would like to do, which is good because I’m kept busy! I also like spooky stories and things that make me scared, because the adrenaline rush is great! I’m incredibly energetic and hyper most of the time!

    I have come straight from my A-levels of Information communication technology, Film Studies and Fine Art. The reason why I chose to study Game Art at De Montfort University is because I love the escapism you can get from games. The way people project their ego’s onto the character creating an “alter-ego” is really fascinating. As well as having great admiration for the realistic 3d rendering and vigorous emotions portrayed in the art from games. It’s difficult to be able to draw, but to make someone feel some kind of emotional connection is even harder. I love sharing the feeling that the artist had creating their image. I’m not specific to any type of area of art, which is why I am so excited about learning digital imagery, 3D rendering and drawing techniques. Drawing is a great hobby of mine, mainly drawing cartoon animals, creating characters and making stories with them. I have learnt most of my techniques by trail and error. My main aim is to become the best artist I possibly can be.

    For the future I’d like to be a character or concept artist, but failing this I’m happy with any job that pays well and that I’m happy with. I want a job where I can express myself because I have a very active imagination and I would like to share my creative ideas with the world.

     Anything in the gaming industry would be classified as my “Dream Job”, however recently, I have come across a job that sounds very interesting to me, it is a Senior Environment Artist (For Activison). For this job you have to have 3+years of experience in photoshop, maya and experience with next-gen textures. Being a Enviroment Artist means I would make the environments in which the characters would move, making them realistic and believable. I would therefore need to have good knowledge of lighting and texturing. I am going to need to develop these skills further as I have only just started on texturing. To develop these skills I am going to need to practise and practise loads. The more I try the more I will learn which will result in the best of my abilities!

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