Thursday, 19 January 2012


I really struggle with  titles D: haha....

    Wow, time does really fly when you’re consumed by your work!

I am absolutely buzzing after hearing the new homework for Visual Design! I’ve been spending a good amount of time thinking about it and I have some interesting ideas to be getting on with. I seriously love this kind of work, if I have time I’m planning on setting myself tasks like this every week or so (Depending on how much other work there is to do) Just pick a random word and develop a character on it, it really allows my imagination to get the better of me! So many ideas, it’s hard trying to get them all down before they are forgotten! I’m really enjoying it!!

    And the 3D work is really pleasing too! I’ve always been interested in cars all my life. As a little girl I wouldn’t bother with dolls and barbies and things, no give me a massive monster truck with shiny decals and sweet modified body kits. I then started a Car Mechanics course which was really fun, I learnt a lot about the anatomy and structure of a car and now I have my own car I’m slowly modding her. Starting with the inside as it doesn’t affect the painful insurance costs, but anyway, it feels really good to be excited about the van topic, I have always loved cars and too be able to try to model and texture one is pretty amazing.

    Good times were had by me. :D

Wednesday, 18 January 2012


     When i think of something good to write on my blog I sit down at the computer and my mind goes totally blank. Typical.

      The other day it occurred to me to think for a while (As I don’t do much of that often?!) about how much someone’s opinion differs as to regarding what makes a game “good”.

    For me, it’s how the audience and the game “interact” with each other, I like games that really make me feel as if it’s actually me there, slicing people’s faces off or driving an exotic muscle car off a cliff or some random act of stupidity that if you were to try in real life you’d surely be locked up for. It gives me the chance to be someone totally different, forget about the past, stop worrying for the future and not give a flying pancake about anything. Now that’s the reality I like.

   But I look at some games and think “How is this fun?”. I recently watched someone play a game which I found incredibly boring and ridiculous (To save my sanity, I’ll leave out the title) Being cliché is one thing, I think everything is kind of “cliché” now because most ideas have been done but oh my days! This one really had me bored! Predictable, mindless and irritatingly annoying! Most of the time i enjoy games, but some I just find really hard to cope with.

    Oh another thing I wanted to mention which really destroys games are the fans. So many times I have really liked an idea (Not just with games) and I think to myself, “yeh this could work out”. But then the flow of mindless fans start loving it and anyone with a different opinion to them will be cobbled up with hatred and anger, they screw with the storylines, mess up the characters and basically change it to be suited to just them. Them and their “Precious”. I appreciate fans with a good reasoning behind there likes, ones that are willing to hear others opinions because without fans there wouldn’t be anymore games. But when people just like something because it’s a fad or “OMG111!!11 he has anime hair!!!1!!! Instant like!!2!one!” It gets very infuriating.  

   Well this drawing isn’t going to get itself done and this blog has just given me an excellent idea. I get inspired from the most randomest of things! MAN THE WORK STATIONS, SHARPEN THE PENCILS IT’S  TIME TO GET MY DRAW ON!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Updated? Surely not!

   Haven’t updated in a while so I thought I should write some mindless dribble about my day.

   I’ve really enjoyed the new experience today of drawing without looking at the page to try and train our brains. It was interesting to try something that I’m not used too, and the finishing images where diabolical! It probably didn’t help that I was rolling around laughing. The whole feeling from today was a positive one, it was nice to see everyone having fun and enjoying it.

    The morning session was something I found really entertaining. I’ve always enjoyed drawing models because I find it so difficult. I could see my progression however, throughout the sketches from the day. At least they are actually starting to look like people now. The time limit was a big hurdle for me to get over, on my first drawing I’d only managed to produce a very inaccurate circle for the head and part of a torso. Speed is something I definitely have to get used too. The laid back atmosphere and general positive experience left me feeling really comfortable working in this kind of environment.

   The second session was very motivating, I’ve always enjoyed learning about the way the brain works and how people react to different things. So having to forget everything I learnt about looking at the shapes to get them accurate had to be forgotten for the session. The random scribbles reminds me of an artist I once studied called Paul Kenton. I liked his style when I first saw it so it was good to be able to recreate something that looked in a similar style.

    Today has definitely been a very uplifting day, enjoying the work and the good laughs has really inspired and encouraged me to try different things.

    Is it “geeky” to say I’m actually enjoying the homework? Yes. Yes it is.
 Image by Paul Kenton