Thursday, 10 October 2013

This is a title...

    To day was pretty entertaining. In Mitch’s class we began drawing creature design and for the first time in ages I felt like I could actually do it. Creature design is something I really enjoy doing and being actually able to do this as part of this degree was really amazing. I loved the freedom and the fun and laid back approach to the class, it seriously made the lecture so much nicer to be in. I felt confident, which is a new for me regarding art. I just forgot about all the stress and worries I was having and just kind of zoned into this space where I was just doodling like I used too, like I wanted too. I have missed that feeling so much as with new projects, I just feel like I can’t get excited, and if I can’t feel that way then I find it difficult to produce work that is acceptable. This is a big negativity when it comes to the idea of working in industry (even though I know I won’t be).

    In the afternoon was the life drawing, as I have said so many times previously, I really enjoy it, I had to swap seats a few times to be able to see but other than that I really enjoyed it. It was so relaxing and it was great just to try different things and experiment with the contour and the shapes of the human body.

   I really miss the way previous years have been set up though, I miss the critical studies film on a Wednesday as I really enjoyed the different types of films we used to watch and the general atmosphere in the lecture hall and it was always interesting writing about the film afterwards as I used to enjoy evaluating films for my Film Studies A Level.

    I also miss the trips to places to draw for visual design, actually knowing and talking about what we were meant to be doing, or designing awesome creatures, that was something I really miss now.

  I wish I had more time to practise my 2D but I’m so busy trying to figure out 3D still that it has most of my time consumed. I miss doing pages upon pages of little doodles sitting in abbey park drawing trees and things. I’m really not confident with how this rooftop project is going and quite frankly I’m worried about tomorrow. I try my best with it but it’s never good enough and there are always a multitude of problems. I’m hoping the FMP will go better. I can’t wait for this project to be completed.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

My brain hurts...

    Back in the labs today after a few days at work. This was the week we swere supposed to be having the gurus and grasshoppers meeting. However, things didn’t go quite as planned….

     I hadn’t been able to create a facebook group as I had planned previously, this is because facebook wouldn’t allow me access until today. I assumed as I was told the lecture for first years was at 10, I thought I’d give them an hour for the lecture and wait downstairs to pick them up. This was also problematic as I didn’t know what anyone looked like. I currently had two first years who had added me and was looking out for them but with the others I was just asking everyone who walked through the building what their name was and why they were hear which was a little tedious I must admit. In the end I decided to add the group on facebook even though I was supposed to wait for them to add me, otherwise I couldn’t get on with tutoring and helping them. Which would in turn, stump me for my end grade and probably stump them too. I wrote an apology letter to the group on facebook for the lack of organisation and asked when they are free next week. Hoping to hear back from them soon so that the week can be sorted out and it won’t be a waste of everybody’s time like today.

    I was originally scared about this gurus and grasshoppers because if I’m quite honest, I’m pretty sure a lot of the first years have already overtaken  my quality of work and they’ve been here for a week. Nothing against them, just angry at myself for not being good enough. I want to be able to give them help because I needed so much help in the first year, which I didn’t receive and I barely scrapped by. I never want anyone to feel like they can’t ask for help I just worry in case I can’t actually give them a useful answer. I’m not a confident advisor.

    So after the tragedy of this morning, which was no-ones fault, just poor organisation I decided to continue my 3d work. I created more assets ready to be put into my level. The only thing worrying me is the time limit and how mine looks in comparison to the rest of the years, everyone came up with such interesting and intricate ideas and I feel mine is inadequate next to them, even though I try to make it interesting.

    Another thing I’m having problems with is with the texture space, I’ve never successfully added decals to my assets before but I really want to try it out in my new level. I’ve been reading some tutorials and I can’t quite follow them. Trying to think logically I have come to the conclusion that I will surrender 2 512x512 texture with the unwrap of planes (Basically just squares in the texture map) for the posters and grime. I’m not sure whether to either break these down further, so that each decal has an individual texture map or whether I can put all the decals on one and export them all seperatly but use the same texture map for all of the different poster planes. But by doing this, would they still hold the same decal unwrap, or would it just entice all the different posters onto one poster?

    Ahhh, I have no idea how I’m going to do this, but this rant has definitely helped.




 Apologies for any brain ‘splosions whilst reading that, I don’t dare proof read it myself incase my brain dies!

Some useful Websites

Thought i'd post some interesting websites to help me remember what i want to do with my rooftop. strobe light

Friday, 4 October 2013

3D Work

    Today, I spent the majority of the time in the labs beginning the 3D rooftop project, I began making some of the assets I knew I needed as he floor plan wasn’t entirely sufficient yet, and I thought I would be able to scale the assets from when I’ve finished the floor. I also wanted to start on the assets as I was excited to start making what I had in my mind on the computer. My final idea for my rooftop project is to create a bar/club, with a dj deck, dance floor, bars and stools. I will need to think, however, about how the rooft should be laid out. In a night club it is inevitable that someone will get drunk, so, I need to make sure that the walls are high enough to stop people leaping to there deaths because they’ve had a bit too much to drink. Although, I still want there to be a large viewpoint as there would be no use in having a rooftop club if nobody could actually see the surrounding buildings cluttering the horizon line as it would give the people (And of course the player in game) the chance to feel like there is an actual level out there, resulting in the feeling of freedom, rather than caging them up.
     I’m having a bit of difficulty however, deciding on how to make this a level rather than just a scene. I have decided to have a bridge coming off of one of the buildings onto another to give a bit of direction to the player. But I’m struggling to think how I’m actually going to feel the scene so that the player is lead to the destination rather than just wondering hopelessly around the rooftop with no idea what to do. Because as I have previously experienced from games, a player not knowing which way they are supposed to go makes a very angry gamer. I really don’t want my players to be confused about the route they need to take, which means in order to navigate them without their knowledge I can lead them to certain points of interest or certain assets that I want them to focus on, whether it’s to do with the plot or just because they look pretty.

     I also need to think about my dynamic effects on udk, because if I begin thinking about it now I will be able to do research on the internet whilst creating assets to help me at a later date. I will want to cover things like neon lights and maybe a barricade gate that swings open. Prehaps I’d be able to have switchable lights but I will have to make sure that I can do this as it’s all very well me thinking of some great extravagant things I’m going to do, but when it comes down to it if there’s no tutorials or help I’m not going to be able to create it out of the blue. So research will be needed.


    The digital painting tutorial yesterday was really enjoyable. I haven’t been inspired like that in a very long time. It made me remember that art isn’t just a feel conveying image, it’s produced by many different elements and effects which work together to portray a visual piece. It was also really awesome to watch Mitch create some stunning designs in a small amount of time, and I couldn’t wait to give it a try myself. It was useful to be taught how to begin a digital paint because I have practically no idea on how to even begin. My digital pieces before have been basically, me trying and experimenting and ending in nothing that I’m proud of. I can’t seem to be able to stick to a certain style  and I find it difficult to navigate the program. But the lecture yesterday was very pleasing.
     I also really enjoyed the life drawing, as I’ve stated previously I really enjoy drawing the human anatomy as I find it interesting and very complex. I loved the new room, even though it’s smaller (and a lot warmer) the lighting was very interesting and gave a nice tone to the model. I do however miss sitting on a normal chair in the old classroom, as I felt more comfortable and at ease sitting on the chair than leaning over and hurting my back on the donkeys. Jeff, who took the lesson, was incredibly insightful and helped me to understand the sizing and scale of things. I definitely needed a refreshment after the summer break.

    Overall, it was a very enjoyable day, allowing for me to get back into the nature of drawing anatomy and to begin to understand the processes of digital painting.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Totally cannot wait to give the new amnesia came a try! You guys know my love for the horror genre by now. ;) You guys should check out the awesome scenes and general ambience to this terrifying game. I really recommend it if you enjoy suspense, horror and nerve-wrecking scenes. And if you like the looks of this, also play the earlier additions; Penumbra and Amnesia: The Dark Descent.


   So let’s welcome Amnesia: A machine for pigs!



Back Again

      First blog back on the game art course. To be honest I’m kind of surprised that I’ve made it this far. Having started this course with little to know knowledge of what art is in comparison to what I know now. But saying this I still have a hell of a way to go to actually become a good artist, especially in comparison to the rest of the class. In comparison to myself a few years back, I believe I’ve had a steady incline in the production of work, however I know I need to get my a$$ in gear this year if I actually want to achieve something. I am honestly worried about my level of art in accordance to the rest of the ability of the class. I enjoy doing art, but the stress is something I need to work on, as getting stressed will not be helpful at all. I need to make sure to manage my time correctly, and practise. I need to really get started as soon as possible.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Second Year Reflection

     It’s that time of year again, deadlines, stress and hopeful progression to the next year. Universities are useful for structuring your path towards the career you hope to work in. For me, this was in the gaming industry, which is why I chose to study a degree course that would focus my skills and allow me to concentrate on achieving this goal. Without a degree, you are less likely to make it into the games industry, as it is difficult enough with a degree that has tamed your skills for industry. Universities differ from college and school education immensely, as I came from school after sixth form straight away then I wasn’t expecting such a vast change. Universities give you more freedom to learn for yourself instead of having to spoon-feed you information and hold your hand all the way through the year. I enjoy the freedom, though the quick change I had to go through to be able to put up with the heavier work load was something that scared me greatly. I find it difficult to learn things for myself sometimes as there is a vast array of information on the internet and 98% of that is practically useless as it has nothing to do with what you actually want to find out.
    Universities come from the medieval ages, taking place hundreds of years in schools such as monasteries. The earliest universities were created from cathedral schools, although this was quite rare at the time. Universities were also founded by kings, for example; University in Prague. A majority of schools in the medieval ages then became higher-education colleges and universities. Nowadays, higher education is still separated from the compulsory education like it was when universities were first created. This means that people have a choice as to whether they wish to continue to acquire knowledge or whether they wish to go straight into employment.
    From my university education, I expect to receive training and information on my chosen career and help about any issues during the time of the degree. Also, if any employment opportunity arrives, I aspect that my tutors would let the class know, as they have ties to the industry, they can use these to get people in industry to come and give us there opinion on the matter and help with any questions we wish to ask.
     Hopefully, if I am able to complete my three years’ worth of university education I’d like to get a degree. This degree, I’m hoping, will allow me to be more visibly pleasing to employers, even if not in the gaming industry. As hopefully companies will see that I can put in the effort and teach myself new things, and most of all, stick with something I want to do. Although I am currently afraid of not being able to get a job at all, because from hearsay, even people with university degrees are still not able to find work and are having to go on job seekers.
    This is how I hopefully will be able to get a well-paid job and actually afford to survive comfortably. Completeing this degree will show that I am capable of sticking to something, teaching myself and reflecting on what I am told. These are all important aspects of a career and hopefully employers will see that.
    In reflection to the second year, I believe I have improved some of my skills and I will hopefully be able to continue this onto the third year. Looking back, I think I’ve also managed to plan my time efficiently and finish my work with plenty of time instead of panicking to fix things last minute.
   Most projects I have enjoyed, others I’m just glad are over. It’s all part of my learning curve and I believe that I have come a long way since first starting this course.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Vehicle Design Final - Based on the human form.


Been trying out some digital. not really used to it yet but i think i'm learning...

Life Story...

Personally, I’m really enjoying life drawing at the minute. I feel like it’s the thing I enjoy most on this course. It’s something I strive to perfect, the human form is so unbelievable beautiful and incredibly intelligent. I love emphasising the curves of the female figure. I find this is the style I tend to lean towards. I’d love to have different size life models too (Don’t get me wrong, the life models we have now are great) Perhaps a male figure or maybe a women more voluptuous to give me a different understanding of the human form.
I seem to be grasping forshorting better now. Before I attempted to draw the model outright in perspective. However I find it best to produce the image, measuring parts of the body in comparison to others.

Thursday, 25 April 2013


Here are a couple of assets i've made for the group project! I'm enjoying working with most of the team as it's interesting have a different perspective on things! And i',m now totally addicted to making rust. hmmmnnnn..... rust *Drools*

Life Changing or Career Building?

      I believe that with the education into a career such as game art design, there isn’t a choice between specific technical skills and developing learning attributes as I believe they are both important in having a rounded and broad spectrum of skills that have been learnt.
    We cannot know the future, however we can imagine. In the time it takes to learn certain skills with regards to game art, technology will advance, but it shouldn’t advance too drastically in a short amount of time. Humans are interactive species, we love to gloat about the upcoming new technology that will be available for purchase soon. This means that most people will be in the loop with technology, whether it’s through hear-say, internet, newspaper ect. Skills needed are unlikely to change too drastically for your education to be meaningless. Often skills can be transferred to other job roles and can easily be picked up or changed according to what advancements have been made. It will not just be you not understanding how to progress in a company, most other people will need to be re-educated in some aspects as well. There is no point in worrying whether your skills will be useful in the future as it will happen with most aspects in life. Things are forever changing, for example, you learn a small amount of instruments, yet now, you can get all instruments downloaded at a press of a button on your laptop. Things do become out of date and the only way to keep advancing is to be able to see this change, cope and learn from it.
    However, saying this, it is still important to plan for the present. It is important to meet the current demand from an organisation as planning for the future would be useless to get you hired as they want to see what skills you have there and then instead of what you may be able to do in the future. (However, I am not saying don’t discuss some advancements, just concentrate on the here and now.
     It is important to be a rounded person if you don’t mind where you would like to be in the games industry. If you want to work for a specific company then you will have to research into whether the company prefer technical over artistic skills or vice versa. Many companies will want you to be the “jack of all trades”, but be experienced in one overall part of the gaming experience. It really depends on what a company requires and what you can give, if both criteria match then there will be a high possibility that there may be a job for you.
    It is difficult for education to accomplish all the needs that both the student and industry want. The industry will change the criteria for it’s employees on a regukar basis, as they have the money and power to do so. So it is important for communication between industry and education so that universitys and colleges can supply graduates with training they need to be of use to the industry. It is all required to be able to work in a circle, as the industry needs the employees for work, as do the employees need the industry. It is not a linear answer to such a broad question, it requires communication and planning to achieve an overall positive outlook for both industry and worker.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013


   Creativity, Definition; The use of the imagination or original ideas espcially in the production of an artistic work.
   So what does this mean? Everyone has an imagination, whether it be imagining what food they will have tonight or imagining a narrative in a post-apocolyptic world. There are different variations of imagination and creativity. Artists nuture creativity and express it through artist mediums such as paint, pencils, digital. But how far can we go within imagination and what defines this from reality. Imagination can sometimes be a vessel from the stress of real world issues and allow us to become submerged into a lower level of our subconscious. Many times a day I will zone out and begin creating different stories and characters.
   In practical terms, if someone is psychologically damaged in childhood, they may imagine things such as people, personalities and some even create hole new meanings for reality. This is the end of creativity that I find quite frightening, the human brain can not handle a situation so it creates another as reality to sooth the stress. This is the furthest push of the imagination, and is overwhelming to think about.
   Talent is produced when creativity is carefully moulded and practised excessively. It is unlikely that any human will try something once and be amazing at it from the off. I personally believe that artists are taught. This stems back to the nature/ nuture debate. This debate can be traced back to many aspects of the human psyche, for example are murderers born natural killers or does society make them this way? I think it has to be a mixture of both, as well as creating an artist. You have to be able to recognise shapes and dynamics of drawing, but you will learn new techniques from peers and people throughout your life. Some people do not care for there creative sides, and allow this to wilt. Artists however enjoy the creativity, and therefore allow the knowledge and perception of art to grow. Craft and skill both play a part on stimulating creativity and talent. You develop the skill of art via practise, practise allows you to craft your talent. It is an inevitable circle, you practise at something then you will improve. I personally disagree that skill and craft hinder your abilities as an artist, as these traits improve within time. Anything learnt cannot be a hinder. Talent can be seen as something you are born with, this is incorrect. We are all born with the same talent as everyone else. We are infant humans, we have the same aspects as each other at that age.  Skill is often seen as something learnt. Both skill and talent are things that are learnt, on one is born amazing, we are born with the basic urges, cry for food, cry for change, cry for pain. If we didn’t learn we would still be at this stage now. This is the simplicity of human evolution and learning. From this we learn and manipulate different aspects of our personalities.
    Creativity is seen in game art generation. Without the imagination to think of a suitable story there wouldn’t be a starting point for the game. It manifests itself throughout the evolution of a game. Technical advancements allow artists to use more than traditional medium to express the creativity. It allows us to get the thoughts in our mind, down on paper for others to see. It can be argued that it is much quicker to make digital paints than traditional, because you can erase and change colours at a click of a mouse, although it still takes a lot of talent to use.
   In the industry, all roles use creativity in the creation of a game. Art directors, programmers, writers all have to be able to imagine how something looks or works and get it into the game. It is an important aspect to have, and is needed to create a flowing game. As the audience we feel the creativity stems from the entirety of the game, not individual identities. You don’t normally focus on individual points in the game unless you are playing it to find these tell tale signs.
   There are a variety of ways the gaming industry manifests creativity. All areas of the team uses creativity, so it will be shown via all areas of the game. The graphics are engineered by imagination, as are the narratives, AI, gameplay, concepts. You cannot escape imagination, it is everywhere.
    As an artists, I show my creativity through the images I create, the thought flows from my brain to my hand and splurges onto the paper in front of me. I cannot control it, I need to express it through however I can, thus by drawing it in physical form. I need to develop my drawing understanding and ability to enter the field I wish to be in.

H R Giger

Wanted to show you some amazing work by one of my favourite artists.

Generalist to Specialist

As the gaming industry rapidly expands, young budding artists need to know the real deal with what is needed and wanted in industry. It is a completely competitive industry so knowing your weaknesses and skills and changing them according to what is desired by the industry.
    Once upon a time in a land far different from our own, there was a bedroom coder. This boy would have to be generalised and good enough at all areas of game making to create a fully functioning game. This covers everything from concepting art, creating models to scripting and introducing assets to the gaming industry. This seems incredibly difficult, to be able to be good enough at all aspects of game creation to make and sell a fully working game.
   Nowadays, multi-million dollar industries require specialists. It is better for the average jack-of-all-trades to be able to be superior in one aspect than good in many. This is because the industry is in constant competition with each other and require workers to be absolutely godly in what they do and can achieve. Because the industries have a large amount of money, they can afford to pay many people to cover many jobs. They need an expert covering all areas to get the best from the employees. These include such things as artists, lead art director, concept art, 3D artists. Programming roles such as scripting, engine work, animators. That’s not even including such things as overall game management and researchers. There is a wide variety of jobs in the industry, it’s knowing which role is best suited to your abilities is the key to success.
   For me, I would prefer to go into the 2D art side, being a concept artist or something similar. There is an incredibly, super majorly slim chance of becoming a concept artist in industry. You have to be able to use both traditional and preferable digital art skills and are able to quickly produce rough and interesting concept ideas. Now, I can be quite quick at drawing, but I am no way near good enough to become a professional concept artist. I practise to try and better myself, but it is going to take many, many months until that is even a slight option. This reality check is something I need to keep in mind. However I will not let it crush my ambitions. I do not want to enter the industry blind and foolish. I need to be able to recognise my strengths and weaknesses so that I can change in accordance to what industry needs. Instead of faking reality and thinking  everything is fine and dandy. If you want to get into the industry, you need to be absolutely amazing in what you specialize in and you have to want it like your lungs want oxygen. This course is not for the faint-hearted, I’m overjoyed that I have got this far, I’m going to chase this dream until I physically can’t anymore. The only way to improve is practise.

Interaction Design

   Gaming interfaces are changing rapidly with regards to the ever changing advancements in technology. This means that the industry has to keep on top of the ever changing needs of the gaming audience. Gamers are in constant need of the new technology so it is wise for companies to keep an eye on the oppositions advancements.
    The GUI (Graphical User Interface) needs to look appealing and allow audiences to easily navigate through the image driven menus in order to begin gaming. If this is not done successfully then it could cause stress and upset for the player, making them dislike the game before even properly starting. Menu navigation is key for setting a smooth and interesting visual for the  players to interact with. Messy and confusing menus provide a dull and annoying experience for the player. Menus are important features and are easily distinguished in game if not done correctly. If a game has a well made navigation system then it doesn’t stand out, it makes an easy flow and minimal disruption for the game.
    The interaction with the actual console is important also. If you compare the early PS1 with the new PS3, you can clearly see the amount of change manufactures have put into the design. It comes from a grey boxy large machine, to a sleek, slim, black design. The big bold buttons and flip lid have been changed to a insertion area and small touch-screen-esk buttons. This is to make the console fit the technology advances. People want the sleek designs to fit there (most likely) designer lives. The industry strives off consumerism and audiences wanting the latest, must-have gadgets and they need to look tech-savvy.
    Game interaction is also a key point. Consoles such as the wii have motion sensors in order to provide advanced features to make you feel more “involved” in the game. Another interesting upgrade is the aspect of 3D technology. The large expansion of the need for 3D is rapidly growing, and in order for consoles to stay up to date with technology they now need to start including such elements into there systems. The motion sensors on the wii are impressive and with the majority of the population worrying about weight issues it also allows for exercise with such games as zumba and wii fit. As well as attracting gamers, this now also attracts the health conscious. A wider audience means more sales, and more sales means more money. More money is always good.
    In the future perhaps we could such things like total emersion into games, were we feel the effects of the game. This will be a long way off but it still nice to imagine what the future and technology has to offer us as gamers. Lets hope we don’t get any advancements were we end up in situations like from “Gamer” and “Stay Alive”. Thinking that would be a creepy future, you die in the game you die in real life! Considering the amount of deaths I’ve racked up over the years in games, I wouldn’t stand a chance.

Monday, 11 February 2013


    This is just a post to revisit the last few projects and mull over them.
  In visual design I have found that I have been lagging behind slightly. I sometimes find it difficult to get “in the mood” to draw certain things. I get the projects done, but I feel like 3D has taken up the majority of my time. I feel like my 3D needs more improvement than my 2D, which is why I’m focusing on it more. I have to keep re-educating and experimenting with aspects of 3D because I still don’t really know what I’m doing with it.
  However, the last “Mortal Engines” project I was quite happy with the 3D work. I managed to work to a better timescale. So instead of panicking that I wont get it done on time. I set out a timetable and worked to it. It definitely worked out a lot better than I expected.
   I’m nervous about the group project because I’m scared of letting my team down. I am someone who likes to listen to others’ ideas and go with the flow of things. I am very individualistic, but when it comes down to working in a group, I’m happy to go with most ideas. I don’t want to appear uninterested, but I get inspired by what other people say, so all the time I’m getting ideas….

Sound in Games

   Sound is a very important aspect of game design. When you think about game design you tend to skim over the sound area as you don’t necessarily pay much attention. Hearing is more of a passive sense, therefore making sound something where you don’t tend to notice it is there but if there’s no sound or incorrect sounding then you realise.
    Sounds are used in games to help provoke an emotional response in the audience. Whether it be, fear, anger, sadness ect. This is done by using different strategies to convey meaning. For instance, sharp, high jolted notes are used, in essence with disjointed silence, to scare and disorientate the audience. Whereas, soft, long notes are often used in sad or dramatic sounds. For example;
Listen to the incoherent shuffling tones, which seem to have no sort of rhythm too. The human brain is conditioned to respond to rhythmic noises, so the lack of flow in the music and sound creates an eerie confusion for the brain to handle.
   Diegetic and non diegetic sound is used in the gaming world. As well as the music you must have  item response noises. To create a convincing level you must integrate the appropriate sound convincingly. For example, a dripping tap wouldn’t look right if you couldn’t here the water dropping. Our eyes and ears have to work together to get a sense of realism, without one, the other one becomes distorted.
    Theme tunes are also useful for gaining recognition.
    Some key composers working in industry are;

-Harry Gregson Williams – who created the theme tunes for Metal Gear Solid 2, 3 and 4.

- Inon Zur – who created the theme tunes for games such as fallout 3.

- Koji Kondo – Who created the theme tunes for Zelda: Orarina of Time, Super Mario Bros and Super Mario 64.

- Michiru Oshima – Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

All of these inspiring composers use interesting melodies to create the desired effect. For example, the melancholy tones of the fallout 3 music differs greatly from the adventurous music for Zelda.

    As I play a lot of horror games, sound is one of the most iconic aspects of a horror game. It is  used to create tension and to scare the audience. In addition with interesting visual components, this can create a very frightful, heart-pounding experience. Some key sound aspects for me, come from games such as FEAR (As I spoke previously about) and games like amnesia. Here are some links to gameplays of some of my favourite horror games with amazing sound techniques;


    In regards to the quote “Nile Rodgers/Bernard Edwards composition 'Good Times' is the most influential recording made in the 20th Century”, I believe that this quote is purely based on the individual. I personally disagree, as I listened to the music I tried to think of what it had been in. I couldn’t think of much, to be influenced by something is a personal thing. I’m influenced by horror stories, people and life in general. This is not true to everyone, it is a matter of opinion.