Thursday, 10 October 2013

This is a title...

    To day was pretty entertaining. In Mitch’s class we began drawing creature design and for the first time in ages I felt like I could actually do it. Creature design is something I really enjoy doing and being actually able to do this as part of this degree was really amazing. I loved the freedom and the fun and laid back approach to the class, it seriously made the lecture so much nicer to be in. I felt confident, which is a new for me regarding art. I just forgot about all the stress and worries I was having and just kind of zoned into this space where I was just doodling like I used too, like I wanted too. I have missed that feeling so much as with new projects, I just feel like I can’t get excited, and if I can’t feel that way then I find it difficult to produce work that is acceptable. This is a big negativity when it comes to the idea of working in industry (even though I know I won’t be).

    In the afternoon was the life drawing, as I have said so many times previously, I really enjoy it, I had to swap seats a few times to be able to see but other than that I really enjoyed it. It was so relaxing and it was great just to try different things and experiment with the contour and the shapes of the human body.

   I really miss the way previous years have been set up though, I miss the critical studies film on a Wednesday as I really enjoyed the different types of films we used to watch and the general atmosphere in the lecture hall and it was always interesting writing about the film afterwards as I used to enjoy evaluating films for my Film Studies A Level.

    I also miss the trips to places to draw for visual design, actually knowing and talking about what we were meant to be doing, or designing awesome creatures, that was something I really miss now.

  I wish I had more time to practise my 2D but I’m so busy trying to figure out 3D still that it has most of my time consumed. I miss doing pages upon pages of little doodles sitting in abbey park drawing trees and things. I’m really not confident with how this rooftop project is going and quite frankly I’m worried about tomorrow. I try my best with it but it’s never good enough and there are always a multitude of problems. I’m hoping the FMP will go better. I can’t wait for this project to be completed.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

My brain hurts...

    Back in the labs today after a few days at work. This was the week we swere supposed to be having the gurus and grasshoppers meeting. However, things didn’t go quite as planned….

     I hadn’t been able to create a facebook group as I had planned previously, this is because facebook wouldn’t allow me access until today. I assumed as I was told the lecture for first years was at 10, I thought I’d give them an hour for the lecture and wait downstairs to pick them up. This was also problematic as I didn’t know what anyone looked like. I currently had two first years who had added me and was looking out for them but with the others I was just asking everyone who walked through the building what their name was and why they were hear which was a little tedious I must admit. In the end I decided to add the group on facebook even though I was supposed to wait for them to add me, otherwise I couldn’t get on with tutoring and helping them. Which would in turn, stump me for my end grade and probably stump them too. I wrote an apology letter to the group on facebook for the lack of organisation and asked when they are free next week. Hoping to hear back from them soon so that the week can be sorted out and it won’t be a waste of everybody’s time like today.

    I was originally scared about this gurus and grasshoppers because if I’m quite honest, I’m pretty sure a lot of the first years have already overtaken  my quality of work and they’ve been here for a week. Nothing against them, just angry at myself for not being good enough. I want to be able to give them help because I needed so much help in the first year, which I didn’t receive and I barely scrapped by. I never want anyone to feel like they can’t ask for help I just worry in case I can’t actually give them a useful answer. I’m not a confident advisor.

    So after the tragedy of this morning, which was no-ones fault, just poor organisation I decided to continue my 3d work. I created more assets ready to be put into my level. The only thing worrying me is the time limit and how mine looks in comparison to the rest of the years, everyone came up with such interesting and intricate ideas and I feel mine is inadequate next to them, even though I try to make it interesting.

    Another thing I’m having problems with is with the texture space, I’ve never successfully added decals to my assets before but I really want to try it out in my new level. I’ve been reading some tutorials and I can’t quite follow them. Trying to think logically I have come to the conclusion that I will surrender 2 512x512 texture with the unwrap of planes (Basically just squares in the texture map) for the posters and grime. I’m not sure whether to either break these down further, so that each decal has an individual texture map or whether I can put all the decals on one and export them all seperatly but use the same texture map for all of the different poster planes. But by doing this, would they still hold the same decal unwrap, or would it just entice all the different posters onto one poster?

    Ahhh, I have no idea how I’m going to do this, but this rant has definitely helped.




 Apologies for any brain ‘splosions whilst reading that, I don’t dare proof read it myself incase my brain dies!

Some useful Websites

Thought i'd post some interesting websites to help me remember what i want to do with my rooftop. strobe light

Friday, 4 October 2013

3D Work

    Today, I spent the majority of the time in the labs beginning the 3D rooftop project, I began making some of the assets I knew I needed as he floor plan wasn’t entirely sufficient yet, and I thought I would be able to scale the assets from when I’ve finished the floor. I also wanted to start on the assets as I was excited to start making what I had in my mind on the computer. My final idea for my rooftop project is to create a bar/club, with a dj deck, dance floor, bars and stools. I will need to think, however, about how the rooft should be laid out. In a night club it is inevitable that someone will get drunk, so, I need to make sure that the walls are high enough to stop people leaping to there deaths because they’ve had a bit too much to drink. Although, I still want there to be a large viewpoint as there would be no use in having a rooftop club if nobody could actually see the surrounding buildings cluttering the horizon line as it would give the people (And of course the player in game) the chance to feel like there is an actual level out there, resulting in the feeling of freedom, rather than caging them up.
     I’m having a bit of difficulty however, deciding on how to make this a level rather than just a scene. I have decided to have a bridge coming off of one of the buildings onto another to give a bit of direction to the player. But I’m struggling to think how I’m actually going to feel the scene so that the player is lead to the destination rather than just wondering hopelessly around the rooftop with no idea what to do. Because as I have previously experienced from games, a player not knowing which way they are supposed to go makes a very angry gamer. I really don’t want my players to be confused about the route they need to take, which means in order to navigate them without their knowledge I can lead them to certain points of interest or certain assets that I want them to focus on, whether it’s to do with the plot or just because they look pretty.

     I also need to think about my dynamic effects on udk, because if I begin thinking about it now I will be able to do research on the internet whilst creating assets to help me at a later date. I will want to cover things like neon lights and maybe a barricade gate that swings open. Prehaps I’d be able to have switchable lights but I will have to make sure that I can do this as it’s all very well me thinking of some great extravagant things I’m going to do, but when it comes down to it if there’s no tutorials or help I’m not going to be able to create it out of the blue. So research will be needed.


    The digital painting tutorial yesterday was really enjoyable. I haven’t been inspired like that in a very long time. It made me remember that art isn’t just a feel conveying image, it’s produced by many different elements and effects which work together to portray a visual piece. It was also really awesome to watch Mitch create some stunning designs in a small amount of time, and I couldn’t wait to give it a try myself. It was useful to be taught how to begin a digital paint because I have practically no idea on how to even begin. My digital pieces before have been basically, me trying and experimenting and ending in nothing that I’m proud of. I can’t seem to be able to stick to a certain style  and I find it difficult to navigate the program. But the lecture yesterday was very pleasing.
     I also really enjoyed the life drawing, as I’ve stated previously I really enjoy drawing the human anatomy as I find it interesting and very complex. I loved the new room, even though it’s smaller (and a lot warmer) the lighting was very interesting and gave a nice tone to the model. I do however miss sitting on a normal chair in the old classroom, as I felt more comfortable and at ease sitting on the chair than leaning over and hurting my back on the donkeys. Jeff, who took the lesson, was incredibly insightful and helped me to understand the sizing and scale of things. I definitely needed a refreshment after the summer break.

    Overall, it was a very enjoyable day, allowing for me to get back into the nature of drawing anatomy and to begin to understand the processes of digital painting.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Totally cannot wait to give the new amnesia came a try! You guys know my love for the horror genre by now. ;) You guys should check out the awesome scenes and general ambience to this terrifying game. I really recommend it if you enjoy suspense, horror and nerve-wrecking scenes. And if you like the looks of this, also play the earlier additions; Penumbra and Amnesia: The Dark Descent.


   So let’s welcome Amnesia: A machine for pigs!



Back Again

      First blog back on the game art course. To be honest I’m kind of surprised that I’ve made it this far. Having started this course with little to know knowledge of what art is in comparison to what I know now. But saying this I still have a hell of a way to go to actually become a good artist, especially in comparison to the rest of the class. In comparison to myself a few years back, I believe I’ve had a steady incline in the production of work, however I know I need to get my a$$ in gear this year if I actually want to achieve something. I am honestly worried about my level of art in accordance to the rest of the ability of the class. I enjoy doing art, but the stress is something I need to work on, as getting stressed will not be helpful at all. I need to make sure to manage my time correctly, and practise. I need to really get started as soon as possible.