Monday, 21 November 2011

Just a little extra....

   This is just a little piece dedicated to one of my favourite artists, Banksy. To give an  incite as to why I find him so fascinating, not just because of his art but the motivation behind it.

     Banksy is pretty much well known by most people of Britain. His works are not pieces that will be appreciated behind a glass frame, with rich men pondering over what kind of reason as to why a certain artist has used the “wrong” sort of brushstrokes to define the way a flower looks like a rainbow or something stupid. No, Banksy creates a running commentary throughout his life in reference to social and political problems. For art to mean something to me, it either has to have massive fighting robots or it has to have emotion in it from the artist.

      You’ll see his defining style around the areas of Britain on public surfaces for everyone to see and discuss. People may moan about him being a vandal and ruining a perfectly nice piece of brickwork, but in all seriousness, if you want to make a point, negativity is the best way. That’s why the media focuses on the negativities, no-one cares about the nice things in life. We just want to read about the dark depressing stuff because that’s the way human’s are. Back to the point; if Banksy was to do some graffiti on some paper and neatly place it in a folder in a cupboard. Who would see it? Who would know? Someone needs to speak up about the current state of the social and political problems because if no-one says about a problem, then people believe that there isn’t one to rectify.

       His secrecy is another thing that I admire about him. The way he has created a large name for himself and still manages to create more and more inspiring and thought-provoking graffiti without being captured. The fact that there is not a “face to the name” allows the audience to be able to believe it’s anyone, perhaps placing them in this person’s image. Making them see if they would be willing to go to this extent to get their point across.

      These are just some of the reasons why Banksy is amazing! I definitely recommend seeing some of his pieces or reading books about him!

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