Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Personal Review

     This year I feel like I’ve been dropped in, head deep in water, trying to paddle my way against the strong winding current trying to pull myself to shore. The weird thing is, I liked it. I was in a world that I’m not used too, things happened which I didn’t understand and I worked my way around so many obstacles and problems.

     I have enjoyed the first year, it felt like I was actually somewhere were I was meant to be. I look back and see my early game production and visual design work and I can see how much I’ve learnt just in this first year. I have retained important information and have learnt more than I ever thought I would do. I enjoyed learning, I wanted to learn, I thrived to learn. What is it all for? You have to chase your dream, I feel so lucky to have been able to begin chasing for what I desire. I hope that my efforts are enough for me to progress through to the second year. I have had this chance, which is more than what most people get and I should be grateful, which I am. Only time will tell if my heart weighs the same as the “Game Art” feather of truth and justice.

     The general structure of the course is something that I have found interesting, I was used to being constantly fed information at school. Coming to university made me realise that learning doesn’t have to be boring and aggravating. You need to be able to find things out for yourself, and this helps you remember and recall anything which you’ve learned. I like the freedom we got, it’s not just a single pathway, you have to decide where you need to go.

     The different elements of the course have been intriguing too. The movies on a Wednesday afternoon was something I wasn’t expecting, but totally enjoyed. It gave me a reason to watch a film that I wouldn’t usually choose to watch. My film studies history allowed me to see these films in a different perspective.

     Looking back, I see what I have done wrong. I wish I could go back and change it, but I can’t, I have to live with these little decisions I have made throughout my life. I’d love to be the perfect game art student, I know I am not and I don’t think it’ll ever happen. I just hope that I can do enough to make people realise that I am not going to give up on this course without a fight. I will use every strength in my flimsy body to push for my dreams and chances to come true.

    Now for the constructive feedback for the course. As I said above, I enjoyed the variety of lessons and structure of the course as I found it completely motivating. The enthusiasm from the lecturers was inspiring. It’s nice to see that the lecturers enjoy the course as much as the students. It’s also nice to learn about the personal artistic backgrounds of others. It makes them seem more approachable and I have found this excellent for me to progress. I am incredibly happy with the teaching I have received here. I appreciate the knowledge I have gained.

      The only thing I’d want to change is possibly how the course is marked. I would prefer that I had knowledge of exactly how people mark work. Also, I have found that some people use cheating methods to attain there end renders. I dislike cheating because I want to be able to make these things myself. I have come from nearly none knowledge of art to what I am now, and I did this myself. It upsets me that some people ask for help all the time without trying it themselves. Surely it means more for someone to learn by themselves the hard way than having someone else do work for them. I would hope that there was a way to stop people cheating or perhaps applying this to end results. I am by no means saying that people should not ask for help, because I think it’s good to receive help when you are completely stuck, but sometimes I’ve seen people not even try because it’s easier to ask someone to show you and do it for you. It is the students artistic capability that should be judged, not someone elses.

      However I think the course offers a fantastic selection of lessons and tutorials. I would not be at the stage I am now without it. So I thank everyone who has made this possible. Hopefully I will be here next year to see myself progress further, but I am incredibly thankful to get this far.

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