Monday, 11 February 2013


    This is just a post to revisit the last few projects and mull over them.
  In visual design I have found that I have been lagging behind slightly. I sometimes find it difficult to get “in the mood” to draw certain things. I get the projects done, but I feel like 3D has taken up the majority of my time. I feel like my 3D needs more improvement than my 2D, which is why I’m focusing on it more. I have to keep re-educating and experimenting with aspects of 3D because I still don’t really know what I’m doing with it.
  However, the last “Mortal Engines” project I was quite happy with the 3D work. I managed to work to a better timescale. So instead of panicking that I wont get it done on time. I set out a timetable and worked to it. It definitely worked out a lot better than I expected.
   I’m nervous about the group project because I’m scared of letting my team down. I am someone who likes to listen to others’ ideas and go with the flow of things. I am very individualistic, but when it comes down to working in a group, I’m happy to go with most ideas. I don’t want to appear uninterested, but I get inspired by what other people say, so all the time I’m getting ideas….

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