Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Interaction Design

   Gaming interfaces are changing rapidly with regards to the ever changing advancements in technology. This means that the industry has to keep on top of the ever changing needs of the gaming audience. Gamers are in constant need of the new technology so it is wise for companies to keep an eye on the oppositions advancements.
    The GUI (Graphical User Interface) needs to look appealing and allow audiences to easily navigate through the image driven menus in order to begin gaming. If this is not done successfully then it could cause stress and upset for the player, making them dislike the game before even properly starting. Menu navigation is key for setting a smooth and interesting visual for the  players to interact with. Messy and confusing menus provide a dull and annoying experience for the player. Menus are important features and are easily distinguished in game if not done correctly. If a game has a well made navigation system then it doesn’t stand out, it makes an easy flow and minimal disruption for the game.
    The interaction with the actual console is important also. If you compare the early PS1 with the new PS3, you can clearly see the amount of change manufactures have put into the design. It comes from a grey boxy large machine, to a sleek, slim, black design. The big bold buttons and flip lid have been changed to a insertion area and small touch-screen-esk buttons. This is to make the console fit the technology advances. People want the sleek designs to fit there (most likely) designer lives. The industry strives off consumerism and audiences wanting the latest, must-have gadgets and they need to look tech-savvy.
    Game interaction is also a key point. Consoles such as the wii have motion sensors in order to provide advanced features to make you feel more “involved” in the game. Another interesting upgrade is the aspect of 3D technology. The large expansion of the need for 3D is rapidly growing, and in order for consoles to stay up to date with technology they now need to start including such elements into there systems. The motion sensors on the wii are impressive and with the majority of the population worrying about weight issues it also allows for exercise with such games as zumba and wii fit. As well as attracting gamers, this now also attracts the health conscious. A wider audience means more sales, and more sales means more money. More money is always good.
    In the future perhaps we could such things like total emersion into games, were we feel the effects of the game. This will be a long way off but it still nice to imagine what the future and technology has to offer us as gamers. Lets hope we don’t get any advancements were we end up in situations like from “Gamer” and “Stay Alive”. Thinking that would be a creepy future, you die in the game you die in real life! Considering the amount of deaths I’ve racked up over the years in games, I wouldn’t stand a chance.

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