Tuesday, 5 March 2013


   Creativity, Definition; The use of the imagination or original ideas espcially in the production of an artistic work.
   So what does this mean? Everyone has an imagination, whether it be imagining what food they will have tonight or imagining a narrative in a post-apocolyptic world. There are different variations of imagination and creativity. Artists nuture creativity and express it through artist mediums such as paint, pencils, digital. But how far can we go within imagination and what defines this from reality. Imagination can sometimes be a vessel from the stress of real world issues and allow us to become submerged into a lower level of our subconscious. Many times a day I will zone out and begin creating different stories and characters.
   In practical terms, if someone is psychologically damaged in childhood, they may imagine things such as people, personalities and some even create hole new meanings for reality. This is the end of creativity that I find quite frightening, the human brain can not handle a situation so it creates another as reality to sooth the stress. This is the furthest push of the imagination, and is overwhelming to think about.
   Talent is produced when creativity is carefully moulded and practised excessively. It is unlikely that any human will try something once and be amazing at it from the off. I personally believe that artists are taught. This stems back to the nature/ nuture debate. This debate can be traced back to many aspects of the human psyche, for example are murderers born natural killers or does society make them this way? I think it has to be a mixture of both, as well as creating an artist. You have to be able to recognise shapes and dynamics of drawing, but you will learn new techniques from peers and people throughout your life. Some people do not care for there creative sides, and allow this to wilt. Artists however enjoy the creativity, and therefore allow the knowledge and perception of art to grow. Craft and skill both play a part on stimulating creativity and talent. You develop the skill of art via practise, practise allows you to craft your talent. It is an inevitable circle, you practise at something then you will improve. I personally disagree that skill and craft hinder your abilities as an artist, as these traits improve within time. Anything learnt cannot be a hinder. Talent can be seen as something you are born with, this is incorrect. We are all born with the same talent as everyone else. We are infant humans, we have the same aspects as each other at that age.  Skill is often seen as something learnt. Both skill and talent are things that are learnt, on one is born amazing, we are born with the basic urges, cry for food, cry for change, cry for pain. If we didn’t learn we would still be at this stage now. This is the simplicity of human evolution and learning. From this we learn and manipulate different aspects of our personalities.
    Creativity is seen in game art generation. Without the imagination to think of a suitable story there wouldn’t be a starting point for the game. It manifests itself throughout the evolution of a game. Technical advancements allow artists to use more than traditional medium to express the creativity. It allows us to get the thoughts in our mind, down on paper for others to see. It can be argued that it is much quicker to make digital paints than traditional, because you can erase and change colours at a click of a mouse, although it still takes a lot of talent to use.
   In the industry, all roles use creativity in the creation of a game. Art directors, programmers, writers all have to be able to imagine how something looks or works and get it into the game. It is an important aspect to have, and is needed to create a flowing game. As the audience we feel the creativity stems from the entirety of the game, not individual identities. You don’t normally focus on individual points in the game unless you are playing it to find these tell tale signs.
   There are a variety of ways the gaming industry manifests creativity. All areas of the team uses creativity, so it will be shown via all areas of the game. The graphics are engineered by imagination, as are the narratives, AI, gameplay, concepts. You cannot escape imagination, it is everywhere.
    As an artists, I show my creativity through the images I create, the thought flows from my brain to my hand and splurges onto the paper in front of me. I cannot control it, I need to express it through however I can, thus by drawing it in physical form. I need to develop my drawing understanding and ability to enter the field I wish to be in.

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