Thursday, 19 January 2012


I really struggle with  titles D: haha....

    Wow, time does really fly when you’re consumed by your work!

I am absolutely buzzing after hearing the new homework for Visual Design! I’ve been spending a good amount of time thinking about it and I have some interesting ideas to be getting on with. I seriously love this kind of work, if I have time I’m planning on setting myself tasks like this every week or so (Depending on how much other work there is to do) Just pick a random word and develop a character on it, it really allows my imagination to get the better of me! So many ideas, it’s hard trying to get them all down before they are forgotten! I’m really enjoying it!!

    And the 3D work is really pleasing too! I’ve always been interested in cars all my life. As a little girl I wouldn’t bother with dolls and barbies and things, no give me a massive monster truck with shiny decals and sweet modified body kits. I then started a Car Mechanics course which was really fun, I learnt a lot about the anatomy and structure of a car and now I have my own car I’m slowly modding her. Starting with the inside as it doesn’t affect the painful insurance costs, but anyway, it feels really good to be excited about the van topic, I have always loved cars and too be able to try to model and texture one is pretty amazing.

    Good times were had by me. :D

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