Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Updated? Surely not!

   Haven’t updated in a while so I thought I should write some mindless dribble about my day.

   I’ve really enjoyed the new experience today of drawing without looking at the page to try and train our brains. It was interesting to try something that I’m not used too, and the finishing images where diabolical! It probably didn’t help that I was rolling around laughing. The whole feeling from today was a positive one, it was nice to see everyone having fun and enjoying it.

    The morning session was something I found really entertaining. I’ve always enjoyed drawing models because I find it so difficult. I could see my progression however, throughout the sketches from the day. At least they are actually starting to look like people now. The time limit was a big hurdle for me to get over, on my first drawing I’d only managed to produce a very inaccurate circle for the head and part of a torso. Speed is something I definitely have to get used too. The laid back atmosphere and general positive experience left me feeling really comfortable working in this kind of environment.

   The second session was very motivating, I’ve always enjoyed learning about the way the brain works and how people react to different things. So having to forget everything I learnt about looking at the shapes to get them accurate had to be forgotten for the session. The random scribbles reminds me of an artist I once studied called Paul Kenton. I liked his style when I first saw it so it was good to be able to recreate something that looked in a similar style.

    Today has definitely been a very uplifting day, enjoying the work and the good laughs has really inspired and encouraged me to try different things.

    Is it “geeky” to say I’m actually enjoying the homework? Yes. Yes it is.
 Image by Paul Kenton

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