Wednesday, 29 February 2012


    I personally really enjoyed the movie “Angel-A” that we watched today. There were certain characterises which were reminiscent of the French New Wave style films from the 1950’s. Although there wasn’t much that was there, on a couple of occasions I noticed similarities. There were no conventional protagonists in the film, the main protagonist was an arab, scruffy bloke with a life that’s leading no where, and the other protagonist was a tall, blonde “slut”. They are by no means the perfect male and female role models that normal heroes are.

     The typical black and white scenario was very strange however, the dusty desaturate black and white tones gave the film a feeling of French New Wave,  however it wouldn’t be considered as FNW as some of the film like “A Bout deSouffle” or “Une Femme est une femme” by Jean-Luc Goddard. I found it a very artistic film, there was no need for the film to be in constant black and white, but it was, giving it an old, more cultural feel.

      Normally, having to read the subtitles for me can be a little bit tiring, but the whole emphasis of the storyline, theme and the bizarre mix of characters makes this a very unconventional film. I started the film with a negative attitude, as I’m sure most of the audience did, but once I got into the story and created an emotional attachment to the characters it interested me more and more.

    The general cinematography also helps the ambience and artistic presentation. In the film, France is romanticized, like once again in French New Wave films. The slow, lingering shots of France and the ever changing scenery glorified a lot of the areas in France, for example the restaurants and the clubs. Angela and Andre are shot on the same level, however tall Angela is over Andre. They are shot on a par with each other, which helps emphasis the relationship they have as being equal.

    Overall, I would definitely recommend this film for anyone who likes something abit different in a film, not just generalised sex and violence like in most Hollywood hits, with there conventional narratives and boring protagonists. It is a simplistic storyline, but good art direction and cinematography helps make this movie something different.

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