Monday, 13 February 2012

Random Blog Entry

   Inspiration and Motivation;

“The great and glorious masterpiece of
man is to know how to live to purpose”
Michel de Montaigne

   With this in mind I can truly say that I have goals for my life. Does this mean ill stick to them? I doubt it, life has a way of messing up plans. But whatever is thrown at me I’ll try and make best of it. There must be a reason for life it’s just figuring it out that is the problem.

     It’s hard not to compare yourself to people in this industry, there’s always someone that’s going to be better than you. I normally just go cry in a corner, I hate the fact I can’t do things when I try so hard. It’s so difficult to get where you want. I’m such a competitive person, i strive to be taught and to be the best. I just need to stop making it all I think about. I need to try and look at myself in a different perspective, from now on I’m determined to see myself not as a failure but as someone who has got this far in life, looking back at my old drawings just proves that I have developed my own understanding of art and applying that to my work.  As Hugh Leonard once said “My life is every moment of my life. It is not a culmination of the past”

And as I once said “I’m lucky to have a life as good as this”.

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