Thursday, 2 February 2012


  Yesterday’s lecture from the people at CodeMasters was very insightful. I originally wanted to be a concept artists but the idea escaped me when I kept hearing that it would be physically impossible to get that job. The lectures taught me that whatever I want to do I just have to keep pushing for it and not loose hope. I believe I was allowed on the course for a reason, even though this is un known to me now, I see myself looking back in the future and thinking “Thank god I stuck with it and got my ass in gear”.

   The PowerPoint especially made me feel really enthusiastic; all the way through it I kept thinking that I wish I could just go home and spend the next 20 hours doing non-stop concept art. Ideas where floating all around my head, what brilliant ideas, I must get these down on paper. Before I knew it I was creating characters with back stories, environments for these creatures and their personalities. There wasn’t enough time to get them all down, the thoughts were all fighting in my brain to be on paper.

    I found some similarities between me and the CodeMasters workers, some things they were saying made me wonder if they were much different to me when they started out learning art.  This made me feel hopeful for the future. Whatever happens, I’m meant to be here, that I know for sure. Looking through the past weeks I can see how much I’ve improved on certain things. At college I felt that my art course was a chore, but now I really enjoy getting into it. For example, making a sculpture of my Reef character is such an interesting thing to be doing! And I feel like I’m making good progress. It feels so good to learn something new, I love being fed knowledge, I thrive to be taught, to be moulded into the perfect gaming artist.

    I need to get out of the mindset that I’m still in the school system. Go to school, have my mind brain-washed, go home, do homework, repeat the next day. This is right, this is wrong, there is only one way to do something. No, I need to go about my days with a different mind set. I need to get out of the feeling that I’m still in that crazy circle of acceptance and disruption.


  1. Awesome post!

    I have high expectations of you now!

    1. Hahaha! Thank you Mike!
      Watch this space ;) haha