Wednesday, 9 October 2013

My brain hurts...

    Back in the labs today after a few days at work. This was the week we swere supposed to be having the gurus and grasshoppers meeting. However, things didn’t go quite as planned….

     I hadn’t been able to create a facebook group as I had planned previously, this is because facebook wouldn’t allow me access until today. I assumed as I was told the lecture for first years was at 10, I thought I’d give them an hour for the lecture and wait downstairs to pick them up. This was also problematic as I didn’t know what anyone looked like. I currently had two first years who had added me and was looking out for them but with the others I was just asking everyone who walked through the building what their name was and why they were hear which was a little tedious I must admit. In the end I decided to add the group on facebook even though I was supposed to wait for them to add me, otherwise I couldn’t get on with tutoring and helping them. Which would in turn, stump me for my end grade and probably stump them too. I wrote an apology letter to the group on facebook for the lack of organisation and asked when they are free next week. Hoping to hear back from them soon so that the week can be sorted out and it won’t be a waste of everybody’s time like today.

    I was originally scared about this gurus and grasshoppers because if I’m quite honest, I’m pretty sure a lot of the first years have already overtaken  my quality of work and they’ve been here for a week. Nothing against them, just angry at myself for not being good enough. I want to be able to give them help because I needed so much help in the first year, which I didn’t receive and I barely scrapped by. I never want anyone to feel like they can’t ask for help I just worry in case I can’t actually give them a useful answer. I’m not a confident advisor.

    So after the tragedy of this morning, which was no-ones fault, just poor organisation I decided to continue my 3d work. I created more assets ready to be put into my level. The only thing worrying me is the time limit and how mine looks in comparison to the rest of the years, everyone came up with such interesting and intricate ideas and I feel mine is inadequate next to them, even though I try to make it interesting.

    Another thing I’m having problems with is with the texture space, I’ve never successfully added decals to my assets before but I really want to try it out in my new level. I’ve been reading some tutorials and I can’t quite follow them. Trying to think logically I have come to the conclusion that I will surrender 2 512x512 texture with the unwrap of planes (Basically just squares in the texture map) for the posters and grime. I’m not sure whether to either break these down further, so that each decal has an individual texture map or whether I can put all the decals on one and export them all seperatly but use the same texture map for all of the different poster planes. But by doing this, would they still hold the same decal unwrap, or would it just entice all the different posters onto one poster?

    Ahhh, I have no idea how I’m going to do this, but this rant has definitely helped.




 Apologies for any brain ‘splosions whilst reading that, I don’t dare proof read it myself incase my brain dies!

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