Friday, 4 October 2013

3D Work

    Today, I spent the majority of the time in the labs beginning the 3D rooftop project, I began making some of the assets I knew I needed as he floor plan wasn’t entirely sufficient yet, and I thought I would be able to scale the assets from when I’ve finished the floor. I also wanted to start on the assets as I was excited to start making what I had in my mind on the computer. My final idea for my rooftop project is to create a bar/club, with a dj deck, dance floor, bars and stools. I will need to think, however, about how the rooft should be laid out. In a night club it is inevitable that someone will get drunk, so, I need to make sure that the walls are high enough to stop people leaping to there deaths because they’ve had a bit too much to drink. Although, I still want there to be a large viewpoint as there would be no use in having a rooftop club if nobody could actually see the surrounding buildings cluttering the horizon line as it would give the people (And of course the player in game) the chance to feel like there is an actual level out there, resulting in the feeling of freedom, rather than caging them up.
     I’m having a bit of difficulty however, deciding on how to make this a level rather than just a scene. I have decided to have a bridge coming off of one of the buildings onto another to give a bit of direction to the player. But I’m struggling to think how I’m actually going to feel the scene so that the player is lead to the destination rather than just wondering hopelessly around the rooftop with no idea what to do. Because as I have previously experienced from games, a player not knowing which way they are supposed to go makes a very angry gamer. I really don’t want my players to be confused about the route they need to take, which means in order to navigate them without their knowledge I can lead them to certain points of interest or certain assets that I want them to focus on, whether it’s to do with the plot or just because they look pretty.

     I also need to think about my dynamic effects on udk, because if I begin thinking about it now I will be able to do research on the internet whilst creating assets to help me at a later date. I will want to cover things like neon lights and maybe a barricade gate that swings open. Prehaps I’d be able to have switchable lights but I will have to make sure that I can do this as it’s all very well me thinking of some great extravagant things I’m going to do, but when it comes down to it if there’s no tutorials or help I’m not going to be able to create it out of the blue. So research will be needed.

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