Thursday, 10 October 2013

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    To day was pretty entertaining. In Mitch’s class we began drawing creature design and for the first time in ages I felt like I could actually do it. Creature design is something I really enjoy doing and being actually able to do this as part of this degree was really amazing. I loved the freedom and the fun and laid back approach to the class, it seriously made the lecture so much nicer to be in. I felt confident, which is a new for me regarding art. I just forgot about all the stress and worries I was having and just kind of zoned into this space where I was just doodling like I used too, like I wanted too. I have missed that feeling so much as with new projects, I just feel like I can’t get excited, and if I can’t feel that way then I find it difficult to produce work that is acceptable. This is a big negativity when it comes to the idea of working in industry (even though I know I won’t be).

    In the afternoon was the life drawing, as I have said so many times previously, I really enjoy it, I had to swap seats a few times to be able to see but other than that I really enjoyed it. It was so relaxing and it was great just to try different things and experiment with the contour and the shapes of the human body.

   I really miss the way previous years have been set up though, I miss the critical studies film on a Wednesday as I really enjoyed the different types of films we used to watch and the general atmosphere in the lecture hall and it was always interesting writing about the film afterwards as I used to enjoy evaluating films for my Film Studies A Level.

    I also miss the trips to places to draw for visual design, actually knowing and talking about what we were meant to be doing, or designing awesome creatures, that was something I really miss now.

  I wish I had more time to practise my 2D but I’m so busy trying to figure out 3D still that it has most of my time consumed. I miss doing pages upon pages of little doodles sitting in abbey park drawing trees and things. I’m really not confident with how this rooftop project is going and quite frankly I’m worried about tomorrow. I try my best with it but it’s never good enough and there are always a multitude of problems. I’m hoping the FMP will go better. I can’t wait for this project to be completed.

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